Atelier Nr.8

Weddings with personality, individuality, and heart – they are my passion. I specialize in the planning of weddings in a vintage and ‘shabby chic’ style.
With this style I associate a time when the clocks ticked slower than today. A time when simplicity and ease adorned everyday life, despite difficult circumstances. A time when love grew in the way your marriage should begin: personal, individual and with heart.

For me, “Vintage” means the experience of yesteryear. It describes a period in which things was created by hand, in which the attention to detail was available and personal items were created with devotion. Whatever you created was not worn out after a short time but was designed for an entire life – sometimes even for eternity.

Old items of furniture have their corners and edges – they tell their personal story. At the same time they are stable and carry the memories and experiences of many decades. These values are also reflected in a marriage or partnership between two people. In combination with the pastel colours of the Shabby Chic style, the antique furniture provides a conversation piece at every vintage wedding and gives a classy and lovely character.